Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texts on the Financial Crisis.

I don't know why its taken me until now to just centralize this in one blog post.

This American Life Episode #355: “The Giant Pool of Money” (iTunes: 99cents 1 hour)
Matt Taibbi: The Great American Bubble Machine

Inside Job: On Netflix. I have not found any place to watch this for free.

Gary Gorton on the Financial Crisis

Charles Calomiris on the Financial Crisis
The above link is a direct link to the October 29, 2009 EconTalk podcast. You can play the podcast directly from the site or download it. If you prefer, you can also subscribe to the podcast through the ITunes Store.

William Black on the Financial Crisis
This is also from EconTalk.  It is newer than the Calomiris podcast though Black does mention him.

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