Monday, December 21, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: The final is now a take-home exam.


Since it is still unclear when the final will be rescheduled and I would rather avoid the complications associated with rescheduling a test over winter break I am just going to give you guys a take home assignment:

It is due on Wednesday Dec 30th. The Word document is HERE

Important details:

1. This must be in my mail box in the Economics Department or emailed to me at by NOON on Wednesday December 30th. Any emails time stamped after 12:00pm on Wednesday or not in my mail box when I pick it up on Wednesday will not be graded.

2. If you email the test to me the test must be sent to me as a SINGLE attachment with NUMBERED pages. Tests submitted as multiple files or without number pages will be marked down a full letter grade. Finals submitted in person will also be marked down one full letter grade if they are not stapled.

3. Because this is a take home test the questions do not all come from the homework questions. The final is to test your understanding of the material, not your ability to copy the answers from the textbook. I am testing the same basic stuff but the examples are different than those in the homework assignments and those gone over in class.

4. Complete answers will need a clear, coherent and concise written explanation. It will be obvious if a question also needs a clearly and completely labeled graph or a clearly labeled balance sheet. Because this is a take home test and you have the time to be precise I am going to take of significant points for graphs that are not completely labeled.

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