Saturday, January 25, 2014

Econ 215: Money and Banking. Spring 2014; Sunday 1:00-3:45

The material posted here is for: 

Econ 215: Money and Banking 
Spring 2014
Sunday 1:00 - 3:45. 
Room PH155

As you probably noticed there is a direct link to this post on the right hand side of the blog. 

I can be reached at:

Office Hours: Sunday:  8:00am to 9:00am and 12:00pm to 1:00pm

If I am not in the classroom (PH155) I will be in the adjunct office in the economics department: PH300B.  I will also usually be available after class.  If you want to meet with me it is best to email me ahead of time to make sure I will be around.
Mishkin Ch 1-3
The Gold Standard

Homework Assignment #4 Due 5/4
Homework Assignment #5 Due 5/11

1. Must be handed at the beginning of class.  I will not accept it after I start going over the assignment due to students copying the answers off the board and handing them in.
2. Must be stapled. Assignments not stapled will lose a letter grade 
3. You must answer all questions. Failure to answer one question will result in a check minus. Failure to answer more than one question will result in a zero.
1.  Only email it if you cannot come to class.
2.  Must be time stamped by 12:00pm Sunday.
3.  Send  a SINGLE pdf or MSWord document.

4.  I will not accept any homework by email 

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