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Econ 206: Macroeconomic Analysis. Sunday, Fall 2012. 8:20-11:00.



Econ 206: Macroeconomic Analysis. Sunday, Fall 2012. 8:20-11:00.

The material posted here is for: 

Econ 206: Macroeconomic Analysis
Fall 2012
Sunday 8:20 - 11:00 
Room PH154

As you probably noticed there is a direct link to this post on the right hand side of the blog. 

I can be reached at:

Office Hours: Sunday:  7:00am to 8:20am and 11:30pm to 1:00pm

If I am not in the classroom (PH154) I will be in the adjunct office in the economics department: PH300B.  I will also usually be available after class. 


Slides and other course material

1. GDP and Employment
2.  Inflation and Inequality
      a.  Planet Money Podcast: How Fake Money Saved Brazil
3.  Intro to LR Growth and the LR model
4. Growth rates and Growth Accounting
5. The Short Run
6. The IS Curve

7. IS-MP

8. AS-AD

Midterm Due 11/18
Midterm Data Set (Excel File)
Midterm Answers (Q1-Q4)

HERE is a post clarifying some confusion

Due 12/21 at 12:00pm

Homework Assignments

1. Must be handed in during class.

2. Must be stapled. Assignments not stapled will lose a letter grade 

3. You must answer all questions. Failure to answer one question will result in a check minus. Failure to answer more than one question will result in a zero.
4. Rules for Emailing homework assignments (emergencies only)
a. Must be a single, legible pdf or word document.
b. Must be time stamped before the beginning of class on the day it is due.

1.  Homework Assignment #1: Due 10/7
     a.  annual bea gdp data 1968-2011
     b.  annual bls data employed and unemployed 1968-2011
     c.  jan to jan bls CPI data 1968-2011
*I have gotten several emails about question #3.  The Jones textbook, page 54 may be helpful.  Also think about what nominal GDP is in the quantity theory of money.

2.  Homework Assignment #2: Due 10/28
          Homework #2 Question 3 Tutorial/Example (PPT file)

Homework Assignment #1 Answers:
PowerPoint Slides.
Excel Question 1:
Excel Question 2
Excel Question 3
Excel Question 4

Homework Assignment #2 Answers:
Homework Assignment #2 Question #3 (Excel)

3.  Homework Assignment #3: Due 12/9

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