Saturday, February 11, 2012

Links about the Mankiw Walkout

I've brought the Mankiw walkout a number of times in class.  Here, for those of you that are interested, are some links explaining what went on and why it's been on my mind so much.  It is important to point out as Steve Marglin does (below) that this isn't about Mankiw's class per se, but about the way econ gets taught.  Mankiw is just a good poster child for the problems with traditional teaching of economics becuase his textbook(s) are "industry standard".

Here is a quick NPR news story about the walkout.

Here is the Harvard College newspaper article mentioned in the NPR story.

This is one of the better soul searching articles by the co-author of another best selling econ textbook, Robin Wells.  I use her textbook in my Econ101 class.

Here is Mankiws op-ed reply to the walk out.  I don't think it's that great of a reply and its a little self serving.

Here is a good summary of/reply to the Mankiw op-ed.

Finally, here is a video of a half hour lecture by Steve Marglin.  Some of the walkout was driven by the fact that students were not given the option to take Marglin's more holistic course.

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